Leadership Census

Purpose of the research
RSAcademics is conducting this sector-wide leadership census, to capture information on headship careers, salaries, pathways to headship, length of tenure, training requirements and current issues of greatest concern. The survey report will support Heads and aspiring Heads and can be shared with Governors.

How long will it take?
The questionnaire should take, on average, around
15 minutes to complete. The survey is adaptive, you will only see questions that are relevant to you and your role.
Please submit the questionnaire
as soon as possible.  

Please remember that the questionnaire is
anonymous. The individual completed questionnaires will only be reviewed by members of RSAcademics Ltd and the results will not be presented in such a way as to identify individuals.  We guarantee this. RSAcademics is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
Completing the survey
We recommend that you complete the survey in one sitting, but if you wish to take a break during completion to consider your responses please use the
save button. You will then be asked to either provide your email address to receive a personal link to your own questionnaire, or to bookmark the page containing your personal link. Please use this personal link to complete your questionnaire at a later time.

Please use the buttons provided at the bottom of each page to navigate the survey and not your browser’s back button. At the end of the survey you will be asked to
submit your questionnaire.

Please click on the arrow below to begin. Thank you for participating.
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